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Dale Cooper Quartet

Gaël Loison

(Electronics, Graphics)

Side projects :

  • Noroeste (Collaborations with Shri Sriram & Marc Caro)
  • Maman Küsters
  • T.F. (Troisième Fondation)
  • Moregeometrico

Yannick Martin


Side projects :

  • Tank 
  • Osaka
  • Color Und Climax

Christophe Mével

(Guitars, Electronics)

Side projects :

  • Tank
  • Pan & Me
  • Color Und Climax
  • HF90

Krystian Sarrau

(Saxophone, Rhodes)

& The Dictaphones

Ronan Mac Erlaine


Gaëlle Kerrien


Zalie Bellacicco


Arnaud Le Gall, Hughes Germain, Cyril Pansal, Christophe Rocher, Philippe Champion,  Alicia Merz...

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We play in several formations :
Quintet (one singer), Sextet (two singers), Septet (three singers)

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